2024 Swimming Carnival

On Friday the 23rd of February it was the swimming carnival and everyone walked down to the pool with their classes. The first race started at 10:00 with the 5/6 freestyle followed by the 3/4 freestyle. This led into backstroke and breaststroke and finally butterfly. The participation for the swimming carnival this year was awesome and the grade 2s came down to watch  given they will be swimming next year. This year the barbeque was run by the Lions Club and everyone was so grateful. Just before the presentations the teachers versus girls versus boys relay commenced. The teachers’ team was made up of Stacey Riches, Tom Sinnott, Paul Kingston, Carley Hickey and Mick Saunders. The boys Team was made up of Harry Sinnott, Darby Sinnott, Vince Titmus, Tom Atkins, Bailey Fox and Judd Doolan. The girls Team was made up of Edie Molan, Mali Maskell, Etti Glennen, Stella Hinds and Charlotte Dean.

At the end of the all the races Mr Sinnott announced the age champions who were:

9 year old girls: Ruby Glennen                9 year old boys: Joshua McConachy 

10 year old girls: Emma Lillie                 10 year old boys: William Sinnott

11 year old girls: Essi Myers                   11 year old boys: Liam Pascoe

12 year old girls: Etti Glennen                12 year old boys: Harry Sinnott

Then he announced the house points. The overall house points were:

1st Place: Fatima with an average of 5.98

2nd Place: Lourdes with an average of 5.82

3rd Place: Nazareth with an average of 5.77

4th Place: Mercy with an average of 5.65

Written by Edie M and Charlotte D