Transportation & Supervision Arrangements

Supervision is provided between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm for all students. Supervision is also provided by our staff at St Patrick’s School until all buses have departed.
Children are under the care of class teachers during actual school hours and teacher supervision is provided for recess, lunch and bus duty on a roster system.
Please ensure that your children do not arrive at school before 8.30 am and that they are picked up promptly after school at 3.15 pm.

Bus Travel
Children who reside outside Camperdown are entitled to bus travel provided by the government.  Application forms for travel are provided at the school office. Please call into the office to view the maps to ascertain which run is most appropriate for your needs.
If you have any queries or concerns regarding bus travel please do not hesitate to contact Debbie Cheslett our Bus Co-ordinator.

Bus application

Private Transport Allowance:

Private Car: All pupils who are transported more than 4.8 kms to a bus pick up point are eligible for a conveyance allowance if St Patrick’s is your local Catholic school.  Application forms must be in by the first week of March so that applications can be forwarded by the school to the Department of Education & Training.

car private travel

Private Bus: The Conveyance Allowance also applies to those children who catch Mercy Regional College buses or our St Patrick’s chartered bus. This is paid to the school to contribute to the running cost of providing this bus.

bus private travel

Bus Buddies
All Foundation bus travellers get a ‘bus buddy’. The bus buddy is an older student who travels on the same bus to ensure the Foundation child goes to the correct bus line and gets on the bus with minimal fuss. The buddy also helps those who have to interchange at Camperdown College and Cobden Technical School board their new bus.

Changes to Bus Travel – Bus Passes
If the usual routine is to change, e.g. parents to collect students, someone else to collect students, the following points are to be procedure:
A note for the class teacher giving the information
A phone call to the Office, before 1.30pm and the message will be noted and passed onto the class teacher and bus duty teacher.
When collecting the students from the classroom prior to the end of the day, parents must come the office and sign the student out.

Student Pick up and Drop off
Parents picking up and dropping off children are to do so in Dimora Avenue in our drop off zone. An alternative to this is to collect your child from the Catholic Church car park. These areas are supervised until 3.30 pm
At 3.05pm children that are bus travellers will be dismissed. At 3.15 pm all other students are dismissed.