Parents Association

The Parent’s Association meetings are open to all members of our school community. It is hoped that Parents and Friends alike will come and enjoy fellowship and friendship as we endeavour to support our children and our School.

The Aims of the Parent’s Association are:-

  1. To promote the educational and spiritual welfare of the children of St.Patrick’s School Camperdown.
  2. To foster a desire for better educational facilities and opportunities at St.Patrick’s School Camperdown.
  3. To help provide the School with modern equipment, teaching aids and services through fundraising.
  4. To promote the close co-operation between parents and teachers and to assist parents to better understand and fulfill their role in the education and training of their children.
  5. To present and express the views of members on matters affecting the education and welfare of children attending the School.
  6. To promote an atmosphere of social and spiritual enrichment for our members.

2023 Parent’s Association Executive:           

President            ~ Bronagh Bonner

Vice President    ~ Ruth Barber

Secretary             ~ Belinda Doolan

Treasurer             ~ Tanya Lafferty

School Advisory Council Rep ~ 

Hampden Catholic Schools Network Representative ~ 

Meeting Time:    Two meetings per term in the Staff Room. 

Meetings are at 7.30 pm on the 1st Tuesday of the month. 


  • Foundation: Easter Raffle:  (Term 1 fundraiser)
  • Grade 1: Athletic Sports BBQ (Term 1 fundraiser)
  • Grade 2: Mother’s Day Stall: (Term 2 fundraiser)
  • Grade 3: Father's Day Stall:(Term 3 fundraiser)
  • Grade 4: Swimming Sports: (Term 1 fundraiser) 
  • Grade 5: Phone Books:(Term 1 fundraiser)
  • Grade 6:Trivia Night (Term 3 fundraiser)