School Fee Information

The School Fee, the Student Fee and Capital Fee are reviewed by the school board annually after receiving advice from the Catholic Education office in Ballarat and are an important part of the school’s overall financial plan.

School Fees

School fees are essential for the continued  growth of our school as they are used to buy school equipment, maintain the buildings and pay for gas, electricity, etc. Not only are they are sign of your deliberate commitment to provide a Catholic Education for your child but they are also a prerequisite for the school if it is to be eligible for Government funding.

School Fees for 2020 are: Family Fee: $1135.00     

Student Fees

Student Fees are put towards the purchase of stationery and classroom materials, class texts, art craft materials, P.E & music resources, photocopy paper, the school year book, cultural levy for visiting performances and it also includes payment for the year’s swimming program and camps.

Costs for  2020 are: F/1/2 $360     Yr3 $460     Yr4 $580     Yr5 $710     Yr6 $1195

Capital & Maintenance Fee

This Capital Fee is charged per family and goes towards capital improvements the school has/will undertake

The maintenance fee is used to employ a maintenance person do complete maintenance  jobs around the school.

Costs are: Capital Fee:   $200 per family

Maintenance  $50  per family

Year Book $20 per family

Family Fee$1135.00
Capital Fee$200
Year Book$20
Total Family Fee$1505.00
Student Fees
(add to family fee for each student attending school)
Foundation – Year 2$360
Year 4$580
Year 5$710
Year 6$1195

Conveyance Allowance

The Conveyance Allowance assists families with the cost of transporting their children to and from school. Where a private vehicle travels more than 4.8km to pick up or drop off students at a Contract or MRC bus pick up point, parents can apply for the reimbursement applicable through the Private Car Conveyance Allowance application.

For those students who travel on a St Patrick’s or Mercy Regional College owned or chartered bus, instead of the College charging parents a fare for their child to travel on one of these buses, the College makes a claim to the Government for Conveyance Allowance on behalf of the parents of that child. This allowance then helps offset some of the cost of chartering buses to transport our students.

Parents of children travelling on a St Patrick’s or MRC owned/chartered bus are asked to  complete the Private Bus Conveyance Allowance application.

Family Assistance Scheme

The Ballarat Diocese provides a Family Assistance Scheme to eligible families. To be eligible to receive the FAS, you must:

• Be either a parent or guardian of a primary or secondary school student, up to the age of sixteen; and

• Be an eligible beneficiary of a Centrelink pension, allowance or benefit with the meaning of the State Concessions Act 2004 or be a Veterans Affairs (TPI) pensioner or be a foster parents; and

· Submit your application to the school by the due date.

Any applications based on Centrelink payments that  are not income tested (e.g.  Carer Allowance, Mobility Allowance and Remote Area  Allowance) are not eligible unless the claimant, in their  own  name, complies with the second dot point  above

Tuition Fee Arrangements


  • Annual Payment (eg. Beginning of the year)
  • Per Semester
  • Per Term
  • Monthly
  • Fortnightly
  • Weekly
Internet Banking NAB- BSB No: 083-561  I  AIC No: 754103698
Direct Debit    [Form can be collected from the school office]
Credit Card Authorisation  [Form can be collected from the school office]
At the school office [Cash, Cheque or Eftpos]