Dates and Times


Term 1
Tuesday 28th January – Monday 23rd March 2020

Term 2
Wednesday 15th April – Friday 26th June 2020

Term 3
Monday 13th July – Friday 18th September 2020

Term 4
Monday 5th October – Friday 18th December 2020

8:55AM   – 11:00AM Classes (including fruit break)
10:00AM   Fruit Break
11:00AM – 11.05AM 1st Lunch
11:05AM – 11:30AM Recess
11:30AM – 1:30PM Classes
1:30PM   – 1:40PM 2nd Lunch
1:40PM   – 2:15PM Lunch Play
2:15PM   – 3:15PM Classes
3:15PM     Dismissal

Please note – We have a teacher on duty each day from 8.30 am. The school cannot take responsibility for the wellbeing of children before this time. Children should not be in the school grounds before 8.30am or after 3.30pm.